Dr. Doria Completes Board Certification in Occupational and Environmental Medicine

January 5, 2015 Vighter Medical Group congratulates Dr. Maria Doria, President & CMO, for successfully achieving Board Certification in Occupational Medicine. Occupational medicine focuses on the health of workers, including the ability to perform work; the physical, chemical, biological, and social environments of the workplace; and the health outcomes of environmental exposures. Practitioners in this[…]

TCCC Guideline Changes

January 5, 2015 TCCC Guideline Changes: The Committee for Tactical Combat Casualty Care has approved the following changes by 2/3-majority vote recently. Mandates a re-evaluation of the need for the tourniquet at 2 hours if the tourniquet is still in place at that point in time; Clarifies the language about positioning of the tourniquet to[…]

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