April 5, 2016

Contracted Workforce

Vighter has successfully staffed 100+ professionals within 30-day deadlines multiple times using our streamlined candidate pipeline. Our unique approach is founded a corporate culture to outwork the competition and maximizes our candidate network. We have streamlined the process to recruit, screen, vet, credential, train, and in-process healthcare providers which minimizes delays while only selecting the highest quality employees.


Let our experienced team provide you with better quality candidates, faster hiring times, and workforce flexibility.


Vighter believes the high level of service envisioned on each project can only be achieved through responsible hiring practices. High standards are maintained throughout the process ensure only the most talented and capable employees are placed on contract. Furthermore, all employees are bound to conduct themselves in accordance with Vighter’s Human Resources Manual and Code of Business Conduct.

Labor Categories

  • Physicians
  • Nursing
  • Ancillary Staff
  • IT Professionals
  • Cleared Contractors
  • Former Special Operations Forces professionals



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