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If you need unique services deployed around the world in challenging environments then you came to the right place. With roots in elite Special Operations Forces (SOF) units, we understand the specialized support required to achieve mission success.


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We provide tactical medical support, clinical services in remote environments to support client operations. These specialized emergency services range from medical direction and oversight to “boots on the ground” medical support. Let Vighter’s team of experienced physicians, nurses, medics, and ancillary staff support your programs around the world.

  • Clinical Services
  • Tactical Medical Support
  • Remote Providers
  • Emergency Services
  • Stability Operations


Our former military SAR specialists have been trained to plan and execute Personnel Recovery as well as Search and Rescue missions by the best instructors taxpayer money could buy. Their training and real-world experience is applied in permissive and non-permissive environments around the world.

  • Personnel Recovery
  • Search and Rescue
  • Hoist Operations
  • Tactical Recovery


Our medical professionals are trained specifically in aeromedical evacuation. Our personnel have thousands of flight hours maintaining critically injured and routine patients while moving them to higher echelons of care. 

  • Commercial Medical Escort
  • Flight Medical Support
  • Aviation Medicine
  • Flight Physicals


We provide a wide range of medical training in the US to government and commercial clients. At times these clients require specialized training for military partner countries overseas. The combination of didactic and hands-on training sessions ensures students are able to prevent injuries and treat critically injured patients. 

  • First Responder Training
  • Pre-Deployment Medical Training
  • Continuing Medical Education Programs
  • Foreign Nation Training
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