Vighter’s Life-Saving Response Results in Vanguard Award

ISOA recognizes the company with award after Vighter’s Employees saved countless lives in a Philippines plane crash.

San Antonio, Texas: On June 9th, 2022, the International Stability Operations Association (ISOA) named Vighter, LLC the winner of the Vanguard (Tier Five) Award at the annual Global Impact Awards Dinner held at Capital One Hall in Tysons, VA.


“On July 4, 2021 a Philippine military C-130 Hercules crashed east of Jolo with 96 Philippine service members onboard. Our SAR Medics immediately responded to the Mass Casualty event to provide triage and advanced life-support medical care that resulted in countless lives saved. This type of mission highlights who we are as a company and the important mission our employees carry out each day,”

says Jeremy Calvert, CEO at Vighter, LLC.

Vighter Medics flew in by helicopter aboard Erickson’s Bell 412ST. The medics performed life-saving medical interventions, treated extensive burn injuries, planned and prioritized patient evacuation. Of the 96 soldier personnel aboard the crash that day, Vighter transported 28 wounded personnel to Zamboanga, and treated many more.

At the ISOA Global Impact Awards Dinner, a total of fifteen Global Achievement Awards were presented. Five of those fifteen awards were dedicated to the Vanguard Awards. These were awarded to companies that exemplified outstanding achievements in stability, contingency, disaster or recovery operations.

Vighter, LLC is proud to have been presented with this Global Impact Vanguard (Tier Five) Award. Vighter, LLC has outstanding employees that go above and beyond when it comes to the safety of those around the world. Vighter, LLC will continue to work towards the respect of human rights. The company looks forward to future possibilities and the continuous growth of Vighter, LLC.

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