We Provide Healthcare Staffing
and Medical Support Services


We specialize in healthcare staffing, medical support services, and the application of technology in related fields. Whether clients require healthcare professionals to fill clinical vacancies throughout the US or highly customized special operations tactical medical support in austere environments abroad, Vighter is there to help.

Vighter was founded on the principles of agility, customer service, and dedication to mission success. We are highly responsive to client requests and excel in dynamic environments. Our customer service approach caters not only to clients, but is also focused internally to support all of our great employees working around the world. Vighter’s dedication to overcome obstacles and achieve mission success flows throughout the organization. We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations whenever and wherever services are required.

Our streamlined procedures to recruit quality applicants and swiftly process them through our candidate pipeline are the results of a multi-year investment into continuous improvement. The incorporation of technology allows us to execute large-scale recruiting and hiring campaigns, which fills vacancies more efficiently than ever before. Certifications such as ISO 9001 and The Joint Commission’s Healthcare Staffing Services accreditation provide clients with significant reassurances that we maintain an unwavering commitment to quality. If you are interested in hearing more about Vighter’s unconventional medical solutions please contact us today.


Healthcare Staffing

Vighter is accredited by The Joint Commission in Healthcare Staffing Services. We have a demonstrated ability to rapidly locate hard to fill positions while providing excellent customer service. We provide physician, nursing, and ancillary staffing services to our clients.

Medical Support Services

Vighter provides turnkey medical support service packages that can be employed around the world. We provide project management, oversight, protocols, equipment, and an experienced workforce capable of providing services soon after we are contacted.

Technology Integration

Vighter utilizes technology to improve patient care and connect with healthcare providers around the world. Our 24/7 physician call center connects medical staff with a group of experienced physicians who understand how to care for patients in remote locations.


Are you looking for adventure outside of a traditional brick and mortar healthcare facility? Maybe you are seeking job security with excellent benefits. In either case, we likely have what you are looking for. Take the first step towards joining our winning team by clicking the yellow button below to see all of our career opportunities.



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