Don’t leave your positions unfilled…

We employ clinical and non-clinical professionals to augment our client’s workforce in a flexible and scalable manner. Let us fill your physician, nursing, or ancillary vacancies.


Let us help fill your vacancies




Vighter has successfully staffed 100+ professionals within 30-day deadlines multiple times using our streamlined candidate pipeline. Our unique approach is founded a corporate culture to outwork the competition and maximize our candidate network. We have streamlined the process to recruit, screen, vet, credential, train, and in-process healthcare providers which minimizes delays while only selecting the highest quality employees.



We provide the labor and the management oversight in this offering to assist client who need more programmatic support than a traditional staffing model provides. Project designs range from total outsourced workforce to partnering with Vighter to augment your core workforce with specialized niche services. We customize each project to the needs of the client in a flexible manner.

Health IT


We implement industry best practices and a methodical approach to program management, which helps your organization realize its maximum potential. Whether you need strategic assistance, auditing, best practices guidance, or other programmatic support our team of experienced management professionals can assist you to achieve your goals.

staffing healthcare providers


Our recruiting team has a large candidate database and existing relationships with job boards as well as other resources. If you are looking to fill vacancies, but need assistance locating high quality candidates then partnering with Vighter can yield significant benefits. We have an established network of candidates looking for direct placement opportunities and are able to provide our partners with candidates quickly.