Vighter, LLC. Announces Rebranding

Same Name, New Look


San Antonio, Texas: Vighter, a healthcare staffing and medical support company, announced that it had a major rebranding. Vighter, LLC began in 2005 and has flourished ever since. For the company, it was time for a push in a modern direction.

Vighter, LLC has been in service for seventeen years and strives to continuously deliver customer success on challenging programs throughout the United States and overseas. Vighter provides Healthcare Staffing, Medical Support Services, and Special Mission Support. Vighter has extensive experience staffing complex programs in support of government and commercial clients.


“We are very happy to roll out the new logo, colors, and brand mark for everybody to see. The initial responses have been extremely positive and we hope our new look reinforces the trust our clients have in Vighter,” 

says Jeremy Calvert, CEO, at Vighter LLC.


Vighter holds their original logo and colors close to heart but as the times continue to change and the company gradually grows, it was vital to revamp the look. The rebranding has clarified the company’s values of Excellence, Agility, and Selectiveness. Vighter has kept the same significant name but has changed the logo, colors and the website. This change brought a new excitement to the company.

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